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UFC Betting Markets

Sadly for UFC enthusiasts there is only one ufc betting market that you can wager money on, the win market. Hopefully in the future this will change, and I predict as the demand for ufc betting increases new markets will emerge. But at the moment the only tip I can give to spice up your betting is to place parlays or "accumulators". These parlay bets allow you to place multiple bets across multiple fights or even multiple markets.

Sadly most UFC fight odds aren't usually offered until a couple of weeks before an event takes place. Although there are some exceptions as some sportsbooks offer "Futures" markets which means you can bet on fights that haven't even been made yet.

UFC Sportsbooks

There are a number of UFC sportsbooks that we recommend signing up at. For a start any UFC resource wouldn't be complete without recommending Bovada.Lv which is my personal favourite UFC betting sportsbook.

Bovada.Lv makes depositing funds and cashing out winnings quick and easy as they take credit/debit cards and a number of other options. Over the 3 years I have been betting with both of these sportsbooks I've never encountered a single problem and haven't heard of anybody having any issues as they are one of the mopst established brands in the industry!

Understanding UFC Betting Odds

UFC Betting Odds can often leave people "new to the game" confused. But by reading this you will fully understand the odd's you are given.

When betting on UFC you will be given the odds at the relevant screen. For example Bodog has these odds placed inside there "Mixed Martial Arts" category. UFC Betting Odds

UFC Betting odds are presented in the following manner. Typically a favourite will be given a -(minus) in front of a number. This number will often be large, or small, depending on how big a favourite they are. The underdog will be given a +(positive) sign in front of a number. Again the size of this will show how big a underdog the fighter is.

Example Of UFC Betting Odds

Matt Hughes (+190)
Georges St. Pierre (-240)

These "lines" or odds, are taken from hte betting before UFC79. Georges St Pierre was a favourite in this fight. The -240 means that for each $1 you make back from placing a bet you would need to put $2.40 on. As Matt Hughes is a +190 this means for each $1 you put on you will win $1.90 back.

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