About Us

About Us

Best Bet UFC is one of the leading UFC betting sites. Thanks to the hard work and expertise of the contributors to the blog we have slowly built started to build a regular following of people that religiously follow our UFC betting tips and predictions.

Our Format

Prior to each major UFC event, such as UFC 143, we write a preview in which we list the major fights along with some background information, stats etc. From this article we also link to each individual fight breakdown, which we write shortly after the preview. An example of this can be found on the Diaz Vs Condit page. On these pages we go in to further details about the fight and list the odds along with our very own expert UFC prediction.

The Contributers

Hobson - Hobson is a freelance writer who specializes in sports writing. He has written for numerous websites and has interviewed UFC champions, as well as other influential sports figures. He has extensive experience writing about MMA and also writes for The First Pitch, Major League Fantasy Baseball and other websites.

Email – hobson@bestbetufc.com

Aaron – Aaron is a professional sports journalist. He writes most of the predictions and event previews for Best Bet UFC.

Email – aaron@bestbetufc.com

Mike – Mike is responsible for most of the betting content on Best Bet UFC. With a wealth of knowledge in both betting and MMA he combines the two to bring you the best UFC betting advice.

Email – mike@bestbetufc.com

Robert – Robert is the editor and is responsible for running the site on a day to day basis ensuring content is “web ready” and quickly added to the website.

Email – rob@bestbetufc.com