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It helps to know some things about UFC before getting involved in the betting side of the sport. Let's begin by providing the information you'll need to get to know the way things work and to increase your own knowledge and expertise to help you make far better informed decisions and enjoy the process much better.

There are several areas that you can learn about and in this main article, I'll begin by explaining some things about how the betting odds work.

Understanding UFC Betting Odds

UFC Betting Odds can often leave people “new to the game” confused. But by reading this you will fully understand the odd’s you are given. When betting on UFC you will be given the odds at the relevant screen. For example Bodog has these odds placed inside there “Mixed Martial Arts” category.

Example Of UFC Betting Odds (American Odds)

Typically a favourite will be given a -(minus) in front of a number. This number will often be large, or small, depending on how big a favourite they are. The underdog will be given a +(positive) sign in front of a number. Again the size of this will show how big a underdog the fighter is.

Matt Hughes (+190) vs. Georges St. Pierre (-240)

These “lines” or odds, are taken from the betting before UFC79. Georges St Pierre was a favourite in this fight. The -240 means the for each $1 you make back from placing a bet you would need to put $2.40 on. As Matt Hughes is a +190 this means for each $1 you put on you will win $1.90 back.

Example Of UFC Betting Odds (Decimal Odds)

Matt Hughes (2.90) vs. Georges St. Pierre (1.4)

The above decimal odds were taken from back at UFC 79. Although the odds are from a while ago they are used as an example to show how decimal UFC odds work. St Pierre was the favourite and the 1.4 shows that for each £1 you wager you will receive £1.40 back. So a £10 wager will win £14. A bet on Matt Hughes will be more fruitful (hense why he was an underdog) a £1 bet will win you £2.90 back. So a £10 wager will win you £29.

Where To Bet On UFC

Listed below we have a list of the top UFC Betting Sports Books. Although these are not the only online sportsbooks where you can bet on UFC we personally recommend using these sportsbooks over others as they are the most reputable, and we are yet to experience any problems whilst using them. So if you are visiting this page looking for "where to bet on UFC" stick to the sites listed below.

We suggest setting up accounts at more then one of the sites listed below as different sportsbooks offer different perks. The more you familiar yourself with "line shopping" (searching for the best odds) you will begin to notice discrepancies in the odds on offer. For example the odds on James Toney beating Randy Couture at UFC 118 ranged between +400 and +550 – a $100 bet would net you an extra $150, simply by looking for the best odds on offer!

UFC Betting is hard enough to become profitable at without shooting yourself in the foot by not searching for the best possible odds!

Below is a selection of UFC Betting sites for residents of America .

Bovada UFC Betting

Bovada is the new name for Bodog. The name change is simply a re-branding which will focus 100% on the American market, whilst bettors from other areas still use Bodog. With Bovada American sports bettors still have access to all of the great features from before.

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